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To every goliath brand out there, you can be David. Welcome to social media – the ultimate leveling field for brands. Whether you want the strength in numbers (there are over 4.33 billion people across the globe on these platforms) or you want to leverage communities (Apple, Nike, Coca Cola are just some of the most active ones out there) – with social media you get to choose. We help you walk the fine line in culling out the people who are interested in listening to your story and then making it their own.

On the surface – the platforms might seem to be one and the same, (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – all offer multi-content feature rich feeds), but the difference lies in understanding how the consumer engages with the content on these platforms. Our 12-year young experience of being prosumers of the platforms makes us natives to them.
Social Media

Social Media Platforms

It is not necessary to have a presence on every platform, but it is important to understand the features that the platform offers and use them to your advantage


Your vibe attracts your tribe – go ahead and say your story. We ensure that you are rewarded for it in cash and kind.


Strike a balance between quantity and quality – With interactive Facebook posts we’ll enable you to influence the masses and cater to the classes.


Create. Target. Optimize. Learn. Repeat. – Sit back and watch all your marketing efforts get paid off.


Hyper-personalize and customize your business to nurture the interest, influence the decision and action the conversion.


Target relevant intelligence – lead your brand into a secured future by asking, listening, learning and deciding.


Let the world share opinions while you convert those viewpoints into perspective-driven actions that trigger further opinions

Measure Success

Gather data. Analyze trends. Re-strategize month-on-month.

Track awareness

Social media platforms offer reach and impressions – differentiate the attention that you want from the attention that you are getting

Increase traffic

Up the ante of your user experience journey – links in bios that fetch clicks and conversions

Generate conversions

Integrate product catalogues that matter – bundles, loyalty points, subscriptions are where the money lies if marketed right

Build experiences

The devil is in the details, so control the good, bad and the ugly by incentivizing influence

Social Media Marketing Process

1.Identify objectives

Identify what is a must-have, good-to have and can be put on the back burner with product and service level possibilities.

2.Strategic Planning

Forecast what the quarter looks like – from spends to sales – identify the opportunities where platforms will be given the lead.

3.Cross functioning team’s consent

Get all your cross-functioning team’s buy-ins on the plan of action for the omni-channel strategy to yield results

4.Thematic Calendar

Plan it to the dates and the content strategy to match it in conjunction with objectives set for the quarter.

5.Weekly Executions

Execute deliverables. Incorporate feedback. Populate platforms. Leverage any unplanned opportunities that come your way.

6.Observing Competition

Observe the opportunities that competitors and benchmarking brands leveraged. Understand user sentiments and interactions across platforms.

7.Map Learnings

Cross check your predictions and projections with achievements for the month. Learn and re-strategize.
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