How Can Your Brand Connect Organically With Gen-Z Through Digital Marketing?

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Are you still under the impression that Gen-Z is a naive bunch? If you are…then rectifications are in order. Condescendingly referred to as the snowflake generation or millennials on steroids these digital natives are assumed to be self-obsessed, fragile personalities unable to deal with conflict and differing opinions. This notion however couldn’t be farther from the truth and businesses worldwide have understood it loud and clear. Top brands have tailored their digital marketing and growth marketing strategies accordingly, to suit the Gen-Z mindset.

What sets these Zoomers apart?

Gen z is a demographic that challenges institutions invest in inclusion, and are extremely individual. In an age of fake news, they are highly perceptive and quick to spot misdirection, they are constantly looking for digital branding that screams transparent, interactive, and authentic. 

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Distinctive and disruptive are what characterizes this generation and they have redefined brand loyalty as we traditionally know it. As a brand, if you want to be on their watchlist you need to rethink consumer loyalty and provide opportunities for authentic engagement and co-creation. Quality products and services and clarity about what you stand for in the marketplace are what will make you a hot topic with Gen-Z. 

How to trend with Gen-Z?

If you haven’t started thinking about these cool kids on the block, 2022 is the perfect time to start. With a few tailored digital marketing strategies you can effectively tap into their interest and create content they’ll engage with. 

Explore the Socialverse

If you think a traditional advertising campaign or a simple FB post is going to cut it, think again! Gen-Z spends an average of 4.5 hours a day on multiple social platforms, so your social media strategies have to be spot on. Take a cue from Crocs, once considered a fashion disaster, is now a Gen-Z favorite. Their rigorous Tik-Tok campaigns helped them rake up billions of views on the platform. Their hashtag marketing campaign “#strapback” challenge with Afterpay alone generated 7.3billion views.

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Keep it real

These social natives are essence seekers, so it’s best to steer away from sugar-coating content and lean towards sincerity when it comes to your digital advertising. When interacting with them, be organic and unpredicted. They want to see real, relatable people in campaigns.  Summersalt the designer swimwear brand has been acing this strategy on their Instagram page. By leaving their pictures unedited and fully natural. Summersault’s goal is to encourage women to love their authentic selves.

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Experiment with Interactivity 

According to a study by Deloitte, Gen-Z prefers digital interaction over face-to-face communication. When it comes to capturing Gen Z’s attention on social media, studies suggest using a combination of creativity and interactivity. They have specific ideas about what they want, how they want it, and how it can be delivered. So it’s important to give them something to do whether it’s tapping, swiping, or clicking when they land on your website or posts. Online polls can be super-engaging and, fun to do, and are best for quick responses from your target audience. 

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Tag it:

Tagging also plays an important role in digital marketing. By encouraging your audience to share user-generated content like customer photos coupled with a branded hashtag or by enabling them to tag themselves at a brand’s physical location can work wonders for your brand. For example, Uniqlo has a dedicated Instagram section that shows off customers who use the hashtag #Uniqlo.

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Response is Key

Giving Gen Z your undivided attention goes hand-in-glove with boosting brand loyalty. Offering timely responses on social media platforms is an essential part of any brand’s social media strategy. Essentially a brand’s responsiveness doesn’t just nurture customer loyalty it also supports financial goals. Studies show that 41% of Gen-Z consumers would buy from a brand that delivers timely customer service over a competitor. Friskies has got this digital strategy down to the “t”. Its constant timely response to queries and problems is what makes it a crowd-pleaser.

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Parting Thoughts

When looking to target the Gen- Z audience, it’s important to have empathy and integrate your brand’s communication within their communities, instead of aggressively marketing to them. Personalization and accessibility have to be a top priority, you need to develop a brand personality that is likable, relatable, and shareable. With these core digital marketing tactics in place, you’ll have a powerful digital marketing strategy to win over Gen Z.

This may sound like a challenge that involves tons of work. However, if you’re willing to put the effort to connect with your new customers, they will reward you for taking the time to get to know them. However, if this still overwhelms you and you think you need an experienced partner that can guide you, then we can help you create a tailored growth marketing plan that will make you the talk of the town.

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